Essay on The Distance Between Us By Reyne Grande

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Parent’s Dreams are Sometimes Their Children’s Nightmare
The book The Distance Between Us by Reyne Grande is a memoir of Grande and her family. The Grande family consists of her mother, Juana Rodriguez, father Natalio Grande, older sister Magloria “Mago” and brother Carlos Grande. Natalio mother and Grande grandmother is Abuelita and Tio is her uncle. These several family members play a large role in Grande life. The Distance Between Us memoir is about Grande childhood in Mexico, her skillful way of telling an immigrant experience, the family heartbreaks and hard times of her childhood. Grande and her sibling are forced to live with their abusive grandmother, while their parents immigrated to America to follow their dreams and find work until they returned to Mexico. Per Grande memoir, “The Distance Between Us in chapter one it explained that the father left Mexico, because he wanted to make money to build his dream house. His children were very sad, but understood that their father was following his dream and would make their life better once he returned home. When he left his family, and realize he couldn’t do it on his own and sent for only his wife.”
Grande memoir was an interesting read, but wasn’t enjoyable due to the behavior of the parents; whom left for follow their dreams and the abusive grandmother. It is important for a parent to remember, when they are following their dreams to make sure it does not become their children’s nightmares. It is easy to…

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