The Bean Trees Character Analysis

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Since the North American continent was discovered, there have been several enormous waves of immigration into the continent. Many people go there to pursue the freedom they have always craved. This is exactly what’s shown in the novel The Bean Trees by Barbra Kingsolver. In this novel there are two characters that portray the struggles of immigration, named Estevan and Esperanza, who have run from their country (Guatemala) to find freedom and a new life. But coming to new land wasn’t easy for them because they had to face many issues and challenges throughout their journey. However, they get help from Taylor and Mattie, who help them through their voyage. Barbara Kingsolver, the author of The Bean Trees talks about immigration, also illustrating an immigrant’s point of view by applying elements of fiction, which encourages people …show more content…
Parson. In this case Mrs. Parson was representing America when she said that because it illustrated how America didn’t accept immigrants, which allowed Estevan to have social problems in society. On the other hand the U.S is making laws to get rid of immigrants. “Beginning June 1, the INS phases in warnings, to be followed by penalties, for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants after the law was signed by President Reagan last Nov. 6. The U.S. government hopes the employer sanctions will cut the flow of illegal immigrants by drying up job opportunities” (Solis 13). The U.S. government made a law to lessen job opportunities so the immigrants will leave the U.S. alone. Indeed, this is a social problem for all the immigrants that have come to America to start a new life and get jobs, but now they can’t do that because the government is drying up job opportunities. All in all Kingsolver showed the social problems that immigrants have to face when they come to America. Thirdly Kingsolver deeply exemplifies the how rough and biased immigration laws are through the elements of

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