Peter And The Starcatchers Movie Vs Book Essay

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Did you know that the Disney movie Peter Pan has a prequel book to the movie? The book Peter and the Starcatchers written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have new and more characters than what the movie has. Alongside Peter, the other main character is a girl named Molly. Mostly every book or story has an antagonist in them well in Peter and the Starcatchers the antagonist is a cruel captain of pirates whose name is Black Stache. You probably heard of The Never Land from the movie but the main setting is mostly in the ocean on a ship called the Never Land. The time period of this book doesn’t say specifically but it was the time when they had queens, kings, and pirates. In the beginning of the book, Peter and the four other orphan boys living in a place called St. Norbert’s. Peter is an orphan who doesn’t know his age, and all the orphan boys are being sent away on a ship called the Never Land. When Peter was a boarding the ship he meets a girl named Molly who he met and went to go talk to. At the ship the food is unpleasant and Peter who is the leader of the group sneaks out of their cramped room on the ship to …show more content…
Even though Black Stache has everything a pirate would want he still seemed unhappy. He was the most feared, he had the Wasp which is now the Jolly Roger, and had an obedient crew. Another opinion have about the characters is Peter in the book doesn’t know his age because he was an orphan. Since Peter didn’t know his age he keeps on changing it so he is older than the rest. Because he does this Peter to me is a natural born leader. Evidence to support what I said is that Peter is the leader of the orphan boys because he said that he is the oldest. When Peter meets someone he always says that he is one year older than that person. The way Peter posture indicates that he walks up straight so he can seem

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