The Discussion Of Gender Communication Essay

818 Words Apr 6th, 2015 4 Pages
The discussion of gender communication has become a largely controversial debate. Culture plays an important role in how these differences occur and the perceptions of men and women are constructed by culture. Studies have showed us different views of different communication styles between men and women but the conclusion is the same, no matter the reasoning, there is a clear difference between the way the different genders speak. We observe these differences from day to day and can easily define them however when it leads to discussing about why these differences exist, it is then where we split into different sides. There are two distinct perspectives which emerge from the studies of gender communication. One side of the spectrum is there is a difference in status between women and men which accounts for the different styles of communication. The other perspective explains that the differences of communication are rooted in culture and men and women plainly live in two different worlds. The dialogue between these two sides begins to make us question the two very different worlds men and women society has created for them. The social constructs of men and women can appear puzzling but it is clear society has two different agendas for the respective genders, and it is more than a matter of simple explanations and biological research, it is the undeniable purpose to keep one in power and the other under said power. Tannen and Aries bring to light the discussion of…

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