The Discovery Of Westward Expansion And Expansion Essay

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Westward exploration and expansion were motivated by many different factors, focusing on power, dominance, money and spirituality. Spaniards, English, Canadians, Russians and Native Americans all viewed this region as extraordinary, and strived for sovereignty rights. From 1760-1815, many accomplished explores came west looking for adventure, excitement, exploration and for many, wealth. Trade was connected directly with economic success in governments. Many English trappers headed west after the fall of the French fur trade, and found ample new supplies of wild life, to commence a worldwide love for the newly desired beaver fur. Explorers and trappers, Peter Pond and Alexander Henry, opened a new movement, which brought excitement to the western geography. The most famous exploration and movement, the Corps of Discovery expedition, was prompted by President Thomas Jefferson in 1802, after reading Alexander Henry’s best-selling book. Jefferson understood the importance of westward expansion and the usefulness that a water route to the Pacific Ocean, would mean for the growing nation of the United States. Thomas Jefferson requested his aide, (skilled outdoorsman and former Army officer) Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (cartographer, hunter and Army officer) to co-captain the expedition that would last over two years and travel the many major North American rivers westbound, to the almighty Colombia river. The importance of the Lewis and Clark were monumental, beyond…

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