The Disciplines Of Genetic Engineering And Climate Science Essay

1793 Words Dec 20th, 2016 8 Pages
In this essay I will attempt to compare, contrast, and evaluate the disciplines of genetic engineering and climate science, along with their potential significance. I will also defend my opinion that genetic engineering may have the greater long-term impact on human society and our understanding of nature, while also acknowledging the long-term impact of climate science. My conclusion will evaluate the potential of for both positive and negative impacts genetic engineering may have on human society and nature, depending on how it is used and for what purpose. I will reference material from Weart’s Government: The View from Washington, DC (in: The Discovery of Global Warming, Scribbler’s Signs of Gulf Stream Slowdown, Carmichael’s Let There Be Life: Five possible implications of Craig Venter’s creation of synthetic organisms, Reardon’s report on gene-editing summit on research in human embryos, and Regalado’s Everything You Need to Know About CRISPR Gene Editing’s Monster Year. The assertion that, “Genetic-engineering…promises to transform the nature of life,” is one that is spot and difficult to disagree with. There is still little research concerning genetic engineering because it is relatively young, but developments in the field have caused many to reconsider some of the ethical issues and future impact associated with altering genes. Craig Venter created the first synthetic organism in 2010 and the thought of the time was, “Venter’s man-made bacterium doesn’t secrete…

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