The Disadvantages Of Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is always a big issue, deciding whether or not to send your kids

away or if it would be beneficial to a young child who is still dependent on you as a parent. The

advanced skills your child would be learning as they grow up and develop new skills such as

social and motor skills. “What we know about children is that their work is to play,” says Patsy

Ward. Kids could learn so much through early education, but some kids are not ready to take

the first steps into separation from parents and the early years of education.The kids really

shouldn’t be forced into schooling at the ages between two and four. Kids though learn faster at

a younger age as their brains absorb more.
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Cost effects of preschool

The cost effects of of preschool are majorly high for some low income families. Prices are

high as they can range from four thousand to thirteen thousand dollars. A lot of families need

financial aid in order to afford to send their children to preschool. Problems with not being able

to afford sending their children has an effect on how the children will learn without schooling.

Disadvantages of early childhood education

Disadvantages of early childhood education would be that children still depend on their

parents and still need their parents to be there to teach them right from wrong and other

small information that they would be able to absorb. Children at such a young age still

need their parents for surtant activities. Kids that are the only child and get attention at

home could get less attention at preschool so the child might feel left out of activities.

Kids need specific attention and are always seeking it from their parents. The safety of

The children is another issue. Most children don’t adapt well to others being around them

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