The Disabled American Veterans Of The World War Essay

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In November of 1918, soldiers returned home after fighting in the first world war resented, alone and scarred. Veterans were shunned, mentally and physically hurt and most were homeless. America completely turned on the soldiers and gave them no support, help, or respect. This resentment had life-long effects on the veterans along with the struggle of coping to society without the help and benefits they deserved. The only option veterans had was to come together as a brotherhood and support themselves. With determination, veterans opened the eyes of government officials and changed the aspect of war and soldiers to America. The Disabled American Veterans of the World War (DAVWW) was formed to formally and appropriately ensure and provide disabled veterans with benefits, shelter and support (“Pencils”). After the Vietnam war, veterans were not respected and the United States or even the world as a whole should never treat our soldiers especially the ones who fought for us and came back paralyzed, as an amputee or any other life changing injuries like they did during the Vietnam War (“Why Americans”). The Disabled American Veterans has had positive effects on veterans since the 1920’s and is still providing life-long happiness and fulfilling it’s promises to the men and women that served our country by becoming the largest non-profit veteran group whose main focus is to aid and support disabled veterans and veterans families. No veteran should have to return from war…

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