The Direction of Sports Essay

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The Direction of Sports
As a sports fan I am concerned about the directions sports have taken. Sports in general have been headed in the wrong direction for some time now. They still have a lot of time to change. They need to act quickly though if they want to solve the problem. Every major sport seems to have a problem. Baseball had their huge problem with steroids, basketball has a reputation of its players being thugs, but football seems to have no major problem. Many of these problems have not only affected the leagues, they have affected the youth all across America. Like the problems the solutions are very diverse. I love all sports, and I would hate to see them become disgraced.
Baseball which is my favorite sport has
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The players already in the league believe taking steroids is the next step to becoming a superstar. It is a never ending cycle of trying to become the next superstar.
Basketball’s problem is with their image. They have a bunch of young players, a lot of them who have come straight out of high school. They haven’t matured enough to know how to act and be a professional. The image problem reached its peak a couple of years ago when a brawl busted out in Detroit. Players went into the stands and started fighting with fans. This was the low point for the NBA. The NBA did the right thing in sorting out who did what in the brawl and giving them significant suspensions and fines. To also help with maturity, the NBA now requires anyone entering the draft must be one year removed high school. One year might not seem like it could make a big difference, but playing for a good college coach with good discipline really does make a difference. When young players have success at such a young age they start to thing the rules don’t apply to them any more. They think they are above the system. They eventually learn they are not above the system and they fall hard. Also to help with their image the NBA requires players who are not playing to wear a suit and tie on the bench. They are not allowed to wear street clothes anymore. For basketball to move forward they need to have better fan

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