Education Vs Christian Education

Reading Holmes and Augustine this unit, one comes to realize the importance of liberal arts education on a Christian’s spiritual formation and discipleship. The points the authors make point to God as a purpose driven, goal defining spirit who leads His children on a chosen path. Both authors make excellent points in both of their topics of discussion. Holmes’ focus remains constant that a liberal arts education is extremely beneficial to Christian discipleship, while Augustine suggests that the actions of one’s life are far more important in discipleship than higher education is. By reading the works of these authors, one can come to the conclusion that the goal of a Christian’s life is to glorify God to the best of his ability.
In Holmes
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In the parameters of spiritual formation and discipleship, education can either be a great help or a great distraction. As it pertains to Augustine, formal education was used in such a way that he was being pushed further from God in his pursuit of it. Holmes argues that formal education is far superior to personal experiences in pursuing spiritual development. The answer lies in the motivation behind pursuing education. When a student makes a decision to honor and glorify God through his studies, education may very well be a better stepping stone in his journey towards spiritual development. When education is pursued simply to further one’s own career interests, spiritual development will surely not progress forwards in the same ways. Holmes is mistaken in downplaying the importance of personal experiences in regards to discipleship and spiritual formation. Life experiences are the majority of what gives purpose to a Christian’s life. Formal education may play an important role in that purpose, but without the life experiences and personal development, it will mean …show more content…
One pursuing a liberal arts education glorifies God by utilizing the gifts that He has given them in an attempt to understand Him more deeply. A liberal arts education allows Christians to seek God’s truth in all things. By seeking to understand His creation, a greater understanding of Him and His spirit can be found. Higher education prepares Christians for careers which can further glorify God. Perhaps the most beneficial part of a seeking a liberal arts education in the context of Christian intellectual formation is that it educates the whole person, not just to do a job. This ties in with God’s purpose for believers to not be merely one-sided but to be their best selves for Him in every

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