Essay on The Dining Hall During Lunch Time

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As a freshman who has only been in college for a week I wanted to know what a college student life was like. I was interested in finding out how students socialize in the dining hall. For this reason, I wanted to know if they were influence by their race, age, physically reasons or personal relationships. I order to do these observations I went to the dining hall during lunch time. First of all, the students I observed were not aware of me taking notes of their behaviors. At first I just sat by myself in one of the tables that are in the center of the dining hall and observed people around me. However, since I wanted to observe more than those around me and I was looking for diversity I moved around a few times. I observed not only Caucasian students but also Asian and a few Hispanics that were there. While I wrote everything I found interesting I will talk only about the things I found more fascinating for me. Something that grabbed my attention was the difference in sizes of group of students eating. Some of the groups were fairly large while other students were eating by themselves. One of the large groups had around eight students something very interesting about this groups was the way they communicate. The largest group I observed was one made of nine students they were all together talking about events going on the week. I am pretty sure that the students in this group were all from the same floor trying know each other a little bit more. There was one student who…

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