The Dilemma With Measuring Sin Essay

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The Dilemma with Measuring Sin
This assignment covers a summary of three thoughts with two centered on reaching the lost with a message of Jesus Christ and another focused on the conversion experience from the works of three different authors. My effort in discovering a common theme to discuss was somewhat lost because of the direction in which each author approached sharing their information. However, in effort to complete a single cohesive flow I will discuss each situation independently and then close with a summary of all. I will however, intertwine deliberations that resonated in me why doing this assignment which on some occasions seemed to resonate across each piece of material. The Discipline of Grace My first discussion starts with the works of Jerry Bridges first three chapters of "The Discipline of Grace: Gods Role in the Pursuit of Holiness." The author wrestles with the notion of a Christians approach to witnessing or discipleship based on their mood or current situation. Bridges suggest that many Christians are conditioned to judge their ability to reach others based on their present moods. Meaning, if they are having a bad day, then that would translate into a bad experience when confronting a non-Christian and vice versa having more self-assurance in an engagement when their life is going virtuous. I agree with this concept, since I typically find myself feeling this way. When I 'm having a bad day often I just don’t want to be disturbed nor does it feel…

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