The Digital Divide Of High Schools Within Nsw Essay

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Technology has rapidly transformed pedagogy in learning environments. Learning does not just occur in modern day classrooms, however, digital technology and online blended learning strategies are now incorporated in a number of university courses (McKenzie and Pizzica, 2014). The introduction of digital tools in the classroom would mean that problems such as digital inequity could arise and so, a digital divide could develop. Research suggests the digital divide is complex (Selwyn, 2010) and needs to be considered “not just in terms of access to and use of technologies, but in terms of whether the use leads to desired learning and graduate outcomes for the students”. For this reason, the topic this report will delve into is: The digital divide in High Schools within NSW. The report will look closely at the multiple dimensions of the digital divide, how it is not only an issue of lack of access to technology but also an unequal way computers are used in the classroom (Selwyn 2010). One of the main reasons that the digital divide is such an important social issue is because of the expectation that individuals entering the workforce should be digitally literate (McKenzie and Pizzica 2014). Therefore, there is a need to close the gap in the digital divide as individuals who are not digitally literate are at a serious disadvantage in today’s society.

The interviewee, Wendy Rowan, is a teacher that is currently conducting a research project on how animation and slowmation can…

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