The Development Of The Basketball Program Essay

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There is a sense of excitement that is coming out of the Stoller Center at Pacific University in Forest Grove with start of the basketball season around the corner.

The development of the basketball program for the Boxers under seven-year head coach Tim Cleary has been a steady rise to success, on and off the court. In 2015-16, the Boxers for the second-straight season just missed out on a spot in the Northwest Conference Tournament. “I feel really good about this group. We’ve got a really good group of returners with a good mixture of newcomers so if we can blend them together, I think we have a chance to compete and to achieve at the level that we are capable of which is always our goal,” said Cleary.

“Our seniors (D.J. Christian, Michael Joseph, K.C. Harrison, Rafe King), in particular, are all guys that have contributed last year for us and all have really good leadership traits,” said Cleary. “I think some lead by example but some are more vocal than others but I think our leadership to this point has been outstanding. I think that’s why we’ve been able to get to this point, this early in the season. Teams have really good leadership like that usually tend to perform at a good level earlier in the year and there tends to be a little bit less of the learning curve and I feel really good about what our returnees have done with regards to their leadership.”

“Our guard play is to going to be a very crucial part to our success,” noted Cleary. “I think one of the…

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