The Development Of Programming Language Essay

744 Words Jan 4th, 2016 3 Pages
The advent of programming languages changed the world forever. Communication has always been essential to development of civilized societies. Dynasties and empires have risen and fallen based on a common language, or the lack thereof. Programming introduced a new language, which allowed mankind to speak with the machines they created. At first, like a child learning to speak, the language was crude and cumbersome. As the child grew, so grew its ability to communicate. Machines were soon able to accomplish calculations in minutes which would take humans decades to accomplish. Then minutes became seconds, and seconds became nanoseconds. It is difficult today to find something in our lives that is not connected to the language of machines. We have moved from “baby talk,” to talking about “artificial intelligence” from the machines we have created. The basis of all this progress is found in programming language. This paper briefly examines some of the steps in the development of programming language. Machine language began and continues to be simply 1’s and 0’s. Using a simple binary system, we communicate with our machines. While a binary language is simple for a machine, it proved to be quite complicated for humans. “Assembly language” was developed in the 1940’s to assist programmers in writing programs to communicate with their machines. The first was developed at Cambridge University to be used with the EDSAC computer (Gaddis, 2010, p.14). Short words known as…

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