The Development Of Outdoor Leisure Organizations Essay

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3. The Micro-economic Conditions (Suppliers)

Now that we explore the process of Party-state interventions in outdoor leisure in macroeconomic perspective, it is time for us to investigate how outdoor leisure is provided by microeconomic level and practiced or consumed by urban Chinese.

This section firstly demonstrates diversified types of outdoor leisure organizations nationwide, and then it specifically demonstrates the similarities and differences of outdoor leisure practices among three sites. 3.1. The Outdoor Leisure Organizations
The development of outdoor leisure organizations is parallel with the economic reform and opens up. From the nationwide perspective, outdoor leisure is hierarchical framed, leading by the Chinese Mountaineering Association. The following section aims to demonstrate the function of this organization.

3.1.1. The Official Government Administrative Organization on Outdoor related Practices
In People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA) is the central official management department in charge of all sorts of Outdoor related activities. Currently there are 21 provincial and municipal local level departments. They are the outdoor related sports policies maker, outdoor sports risk controller, national outdoor sports related sports and clubs license issuers, outdoor athlete’s registration and training providers, outdoor sports referee training providers as well as being responsible for disseminating…

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