The Development Of Downtown San Diego Essay

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The Development of Downtown San Diego

My beautiful hometown of San Diego California has seen great development and revitalization in its downtown district in the past few decades. The city of San Diego now serves as the eighth largest city and the seventeenth largest metropolitan area in the United States of America. As a growing region, San Diego has revitalized and developed its Downtown into a dynamic business center, with vibrant night life scene, and some of the most desirable real estate in the nation. Through the creation of a development board, transit-oriented development, business incentives districts, mixed use developments, improved housing and night life, San Diego has been not only able to survive the recession but thrive in a post-recession economy to revitalize a dying downtown area. Since the completion of World War II, suburbs have dominated the American Economy as suburban population growth and job creation has drastically outdone that of cities. This lead many people to believe that downtowns were doomed. However, in recent decades, “many cities have revived their fortunes by fashioning downtowns that are attractive and for the first time in decades drawing in new residents” (Greenblatt). In the mid twentieth century, Americans grew a love and desire for life outside of a cramped city. The big houses, quiet streets, and cheap land attract many residents to live in the suburbs. The American fascination and increased availability of cars also added to…

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