The Department Of The Army Embarked Upon The Landwarnet 2020 And Beyond Initiative

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The Department of the Army embarked upon the Landwarnet 2020 and beyond initiative in 2013, when complete the upgrade will integrate the enterprise capabilities with tactical systems utilized by the Warfighter (CIO G6, 2013). The capabilities, though not truly discussed within the context of this particular paper will continue to shrink the current footprint through the integration of various services, and move the Army’s networking capabilities, along with the information stored on different information systems, close to the Warfighters. In addition to the aforementioned network shrinkage, the Department of the Army will also strengthen its security possession with a small attack surface. However, to shift from its current state, to a smaller, robust capabilities set, the organization will require financial investments. The ability to justify the cost for such a massive undertaking will require tough decisions. The Capacity to measure the effectiveness of such decisions will depend on the use of a different set of metrics than those employed in the past. The departure from a cost is driven metric to performance was driven metric will not be an easy undertaking, considering the growing concern regarding government’s debt, and the rising cost associated with the defense department. However, the effectiveness of the agency 's security plan requires a set of metrics designed to track system shortcomings while managing through cost effective means. The departure form…

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