The Border Between The United States And Mexico

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The border between the United States and Mexico continues to be in poor condition. Immigration, is as we know a steadily growing issue. Personally I believe it directly correlates to living conditions in that region. Poverty, poor health and uninsured households are three key issues that make up problems that have a domino effect on the rest of the nation. Several different factors contribute to why these are the driving force behind these difficulties. These issues are linked together as contributing factors of one another. The purpose of this essay is to describe some of those factors while inserting personal opinion backed by evidence from a variety of sources.

Poor health is a huge problem across the border, one reason for that is a lack of insurance, a topic which will be discussed later on. The border of the Mexico and Texas is a primarily rural area. The border has grown to have the reputation of having low incomes, poor health and high rates of uninsured households. The only big city in the area on the Texas side is El Paso. According to the Census bureau of the United States, 23 percent of El Paso residents live in poverty. Thinking about it, thats almost a quarter of a city with nearly 850,000 residents! Why? I believe that it has something to do with a lack resources. Several communities along the border are agriculturally dependent. This part of the continent is not known for getting a lot of rain, when rain doesn 't fall it damages production and that not

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