The Definition Of Learning And Education Essay

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The dictionaries ' definition on learning and education is that learning is through experience, study, or by being taught, but education is through the systematic receiving of instruction. I agree not only with the definition of both of these words but also with how they are defined so similarly because over time I have come to see that education can be the same as learning. This, however, is a view I have always taken. I haven 't always viewed them as the same thing. For many years, I would stubbornly fight education, even though I love and have always loved learning. This dichotomy was brought about by my loving to research topics of my choosing outside my classes, but when I was told to do an assignment I would become stubborn and make the assignment 10 times harder than it should have been. My stubbornness started during first grade. I have always been a competitive child, but during the time I was learning how to read my competitiveness grew out of the frustrating fact that my sisters (Grace, one year older, and Faith, two years younger than me) could both read better than I could. And the reason was not that I was not trying. I tried to read, but I was never able to make sense of the things on the page, without holding the book two inches from my eyes. My teacher thought I was just trying to be annoying to her and funny to the class, because I would read with my face in the book, but I truly didn 't know of any other way to see the words on the pages, so we were in a…

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