The Decline Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The industrial revolution was time of change from late 1700s through the 1800s. It was the move from working out in the fields to working in factories. There were many positive affects from the industrial revolution, but there were also many negative affects. The spread of the industrial revolution began in Europe around Great Britain, which spread to other countries and then to other continents. There are many things to be covered over the time of the industrial revolution, but one area to cover is the negative affects on labor, specifically child labor and women’s role in the job industry. In Europe the factories abused the labor of children and they had to deal with some excruciating days.
Industrialization transformed the handicraft-centered economies into industry economies. The perspective of Great Britain, China, and Japan shifted when they dealt with growing and dynamic economies. As the population was growing the need for cottons and textiles was also growing in Great Britain. It was then in the 18th century that the approach to production changed from the need of working in the fields to the need of working in the factories. Soon enough, the Cotton industry and textile industry started to rise. The use of iron and steel benefited from the technological refinement. There was also a rise in transportation with the invention of the steam engine, from sail ships to trains, and then the invention of cars. Sail ships and trains provided transportation for trade and…

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