The Decline Of The 19th Century Essay

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The 19th Century saw great change in society through the industrial revolution; education answered these changes through changing roles like those of gender. The 20th century saw even greater changes through African American students than ever before. Society and schools are a symbiotic relationship, at moments society gives more to schooling and at others school gives to society, but both push the other further. Society and education both changed each other in economics, gender and African American culture, in the 19th and 20th century.
The 19th century was full of new change in society that would eventually lead to new changes in schooling. Society was no longer farms spaced far apart from each other and the small towns nearby, but was now booming with industrialization. Immigration was at a new high for America and cities were suddenly filled with thousands of people. Rury states, “It was a time of manufacturing growth and urbanization. Economic development contribution to the expansion and the improvement of education; as income grew and the economy became more complex, people attached greater values to schooling. (Rury,48)” In this moment it was the economy that changed schooling. Without the move to urbanization, schooling would not have gained an importance. The move away from the farm allowed for people to live in closer proximity to educational campuses and they then felt a need to learn more. This also moved schooling to become more available to children. The…

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