The Declaration Of The Spanish American War Essay

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This essay will go through the following: Assessing the following statement “The Spanish-American War was the defining moment in modern U.S. history…”, to what extent th U.S. achieved the objects which led it to enter World War one, and assessing the relative importance of German naval policy, allied propaganda, and American economic interests in America 's decision to declare war on Germany in 1917. The 1836-1848 Spanish-American war was and still is a defining moment in history. The Spanish-American war doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Sadly, it was overshadowed because of the civil war, drawing little attention to it. Now, this war was very small but small things can be big depending on the size of the perspective and internationally this war had big significance in history. During this time it caused the US to be a great success of international relations and diplomacy, the united states was already a powerful country thanks to the previous years of economic establishments and industrialization growth but this war had gotten the word out to the other nations that the United States was now to be seen as a big player and major threat. After deserting the tactics of isolationism, the country was ready to show the spanish what we have, now becoming a huge role in world affairs. United states was developing into imperialism and this war was an example of that. Historians have debated the fact of whether 1891 was a special time of US…

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