Spanish American War Research Paper

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The Spanish-American War sparked a radical change within mainstream American thought. Before the late 19th century, Americans were against expanding an American Empire and had a negative view of American Interventionism. The public felt that American imperialism was hypocritical because they fought a bloody revolution to be free from Britain’s Empire. If America were to become a colonial power, we would be doing the same thing that Britain did to America during the revolution. However, by the 1900’s, after a vicious propaganda campaign lead by the Federal Government, the American public began to favor war and interventionism. Government propaganda sparked a new era of American Interventionism, resulting in America to become the biggest world …show more content…
However, instead of granting peace and independence in the Philippines, the American Government pushed a narrative that The Philippines would be better under American Rule. Many felt that the only way to spread liberty across the world was through colonialism and militaristic force. This Neo-Conservative mindset fueled the Federal Government to expand its militaristic influence and power, resulting in the complete overhaul of the American Military. However, the expansion of the Military was not met without opposition; in Democracy or Militarism, Jane Addams critiques American Militarism. She states, “Let us not make the mistake of confusing moral issues sometimes involved in warfare with warfare itself. Let us not glorify the brutality.” Jane Addams is arguing that the Neo-Conservative mindset of liberation through war is wrong, it does not liberate, but instead oppresses. However, despite her opposition of the Spanish-American War and Colonialism, government run propaganda was highly effective. This propaganda sparked a new era of the American military; destroy all those who oppose American

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