Spanish American War

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The United States of America joined the Spanish-American war in February of 1898. President McKinley declared war when the armored USS Maine to Cuba was bombed and sunk. The bombing of the ship caused the death of 267 crew members that were aboard the ship. Another cause was the fact that economically, the U.S. wanted Cuban crops to come to America to expand their trading access everywhere in the world. Before the war, Spain had control of Guam, Puerto Rico and Cuba but, the United States wanted control over these places in order to growing their trading all the way over there. Although McKinley was president during the war, President Theodore Roosevelt built the “rough riders,” that helped fight during the war. The “rough riders” were: “the first voluntary cavalry in the Spanish-American War” (“Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders”) the main people that fought in the battle of San Juan Hill. In the United States ended up winning this war when the destroyed the Spanish American Fleet. Due to the Treaty of Paris, which also ended the war with Spain, the United States also gained control over Cuba, Guam and Puerto Rico. Leading up to this war, the United States economy was not very good at all. Americans were struggling with money and businesses were not doing very …show more content…
It is proved by most wars that the U.S. does surprisingly well economically after wars. Not only that, but they also make new allies which is helpful when it comes to trading, instead of being enemies with everyone. I believe that the United States does well after the war because they learn from their mistakes and become inspired and develop new ideas to better the country. Although there are some cases in which the war negatively impacted our country, for instance the Vietnam War, in the long run America was still able to learn and develop back into a good country economically, some problems just take longer to

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