Colonialism, Economic Expansion And Imperialism In The United States

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The United States encountered many challenges during world war one, which affected America, Foreign Nations, and each of their respective populations. The experience of the United States during the war remained impacted by imperialism, economic expansion and industrialization abroad and at the local level. Imperialism augmented the United States position against upcoming rivals. Economic expansion allowed the United States to acquire territories, expand markets, and establish foreign relationships that would later prove a crucial necessity. Industrialization already in progress, played a major role that not only enriched, but enlarged the United States position and further established key foreign relations. From a local perspective, however, …show more content…
The United States’ experience remained impacted by imperialism during world war one in many respects and provided positive outcomes. For instance, America faced a war three thousand miles away with a small unprepared military and relied solely on traditional volunteerism to fill the armed forces . Imperialism necessitated a proper military thus the military was restricted and reinforced. Imperialism aided in identifying and controlling rival empires that posed a threat as well as establishing allies. The United States faced internal challenges as well concerning imperialism. At home, the United States previously experienced an array of concerns in regards to the conflicts abroad. In the late 1800’s, debates about American imperialism dominated headlines and tapped into core ideas about American identity and the proper role of the United States in the larger world . Americans continued to question their imperialistic values. At the same time questioning the imperialism abroad and how, if at all, would it affect them directly. Externally, the United States initially remained uninvolved and kept their distance from conflicts abroad. However, once America’s exports were threatened an intervention was necessary. Therefore, the United States was directly affected by the conflict abroad in Europe resulting in American interference. Imperialism prompted growth allowing the economy to expand and the industry to prosper overall strengthening America’s reputation. Still, imperialism remained questionable for some, but seemed affirmed in the

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