The Declaration Of Abandonment Of Special Use Permit No Essay

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Ms. Alt moved to approve the Declaration of Abandonment of Special Use Permit No. 127 based on findings per staff’s review, dated October 31, 2016. Mr. Lowe seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Lowe moved to approve the three Consent Items listed below with conditions, comments, and other requirements per staffs’ reviews. Ms. Hatton seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

 Special Use Permit No. 2016-010, Powder River Development Services, LLC, c/o Russel Powell, Agent for Eco-Site, Inc., allowing a 100-foot windmill stealth type lattice telecommunications tower and related accessory buildings and support facilities on a 2,500 square foot leased parcel of land in an A-3 Zone District.

Ms. Gail Wallingford-Ingo, Planner II, Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development, summarized staff’s review dated November 9, 2016. She noted there was an existing telecommunications tower located at 23rd Lane and Highway 50. Powder River Development Services, LLC chose not to pursue co-location capabilities on this existing tower. Exhibit No. 9 of staff’s review explains the applicant’s justification for not co-locating. She stated there were two other towers located in the area one on 36th Lane and one off of Highway 47 and Vision, noting the latter was located in the City of Pueblo’s jurisdiction. Information submitted by Powder River indicates they are co-located on both of those facilities. The maximum height limit in an A-3 Zone District…

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