Essay about The Decision For Join The Club Baseball Team

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Matt is a junior in the Engineering school at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and he recently made the decision to join the club baseball team. I received his consent for an interview and asked him questions that gave me more information about the decision and the problem that he wanted to solve. Matt’s problem derived from his change in the amount of pleasure he received from his usual routine. He mentioned, specifically, that he is currently in a RST class that influenced him to think about his happiness in terms of his leisure time and how what he does during that time is important for your overall well being. He had a routine that had three primary activities: schoolwork, workout, and go out with his friends. He felt these were sufficient during his first two years of college, but that was primarily due to his schoolwork being such a large burden, and his ambition to hangout with friends was stronger. His junior year still burdens him with a lot of schoolwork, but the pleasure he received from going out with his friends and doing a routine workout in the gym was reduced enough for him to seek out a solution that would bring him more pleasure.

Matt’s recent reduction in pleasure from his usual routine brought him to the conclusion that he was looking for more happiness from what he did in his leisure time, and he wanted to develop a new friendship dynamic. These objectives were primarily a means to having more happiness during his time at school. His schoolwork…

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