The Decision: Atomic Bomb Essay

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The use of an atomic bomb is something that has lingered in the conscience of many Americans since the American B-29 Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb ever used on August 6, 1945. The United States was urging Japan to surrender, when they refused to comply with these terms, the bomb was dropped and 100,000 people were killed. Two professors of American History, Robert James Maddox and Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, share their opposing views on weather the atomic bomb was necessary to end World War II. Maddox claims that the atomic bomb forced the Japanese army to agree to surrender, which significantly saved more lives than would have been lost. Hasegawa asserts that the Soviet invasion of Japan was a more prominent reasoning for surrender in …show more content…
Robert James Maddox reveals the predicament that could have resulted if the atomic bombs were never used. Projected loses by President Harry Truman if an invasion were to take place reached 500,000 American lives. Truman also had information of Japan lacking any intention of surrendering. According to reports from Tokyo, Japan meant to fight the war through until the end. Japan was dedicated to “protect the imperial land, and accomplish the objectives for which we went to war” (Maddox p. 237). Critics argued that the bombs were used as a political statement and the second bomb was completely immoral. Truman along with his officials decided that more than one bomb was going to be necessary for full surrender, otherwise the Japanese could have made the bomb look like a natural disaster to keep their pride. The Japanese hard-liners were adamant on fighting until the last man regardless if a rumored third bomb was to be dropped on Tokyo. The emperor at the time was pleading with them to stop the war and surrender but they were too proud to admit defeat. Maddox advocates for Truman’s decision to use the bombs by concluding that Japan would not have surrendered from an American invasion and countless American lives would have been loss if rapid actions were not to be taken. Truman had a duty to his country and the men he

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