The Debate Over The White American Race Essay

2107 Words Apr 13th, 2016 9 Pages
The United States is undergoing a change in society and this can be considered scary to some. The United States has embraced some firsts in its history, such as electing the first ever black president, Barack Obama and even the legalization of same sex marriage nationwide.Yet as this list of social changes expands, a form of fear in the white American race appears. This new topic has begun to spark debate throughout the world, but it has become a major social issue as the days go on in the United States. The debate over the supposed white oppression typically begins with the same or a similar question every time, are the minority races in America beginning to oppress the white race throughout America? In the words of the Merriam-Webster dictionary oppression is, "something that treats in a cruel or unnecessary way especially in being an unjust or excessive exercise of power.” This emphasizes the position of ultimate power over the other and in this circumstance the white American race holds this ultimate power throughout the United States meaning that they can not be oppressed in. With this power comes privilege. Power helps this race to dodge certain issues within the legal system or lessen unnecessary run ins with the law based on stereotypes that have yet to be overly associated with the white American race. As whites continue to hold power in the government as well as jobs of power, and they also have history of being the oppressor and not the one being oppressed.…

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