Barbara Perry Ethical Norm Analysis

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The article by Barbara Perry “Mythical norm” is to highlight some of the eye-opening realities that one knows that they exist, but, can’t seem to eliminate from society because the roots of those stereotypes have been nourishing for years. History and media contribute to promoting the culture of giving one group of individuals more privilege than the other based on their sex, race, and religion. Privilege in the 19th century and the present time is only fixed for persons who meet all the requirements which includes, heterosexuality, masculinity, whiteness. Perry starts the discussion no by accusing one race for dominating, but asking a very important question that is “White is meant by the idea of white male privilege?”
The vast amount of people who do not meet all the requirement are the ones in disadvantage. The norms were set by the history and promoted by the politics since today. White men tend to dominate a lot profession which leads to promoting more white dominance, a perfect example of white privilege. The community that
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White privilege has always been the very controversial topic to talk about. Perry has done a good job in elaborating the situation the world is in, she emphasized on the biggest problem in society right now; sexism and racism. White male can have everything and get away with anything but, not all white men are privileged and not all men with color are not privilege. Wealth is Power that gets one privilege, it is easier for a white man to grow in to it and become a white privilege male. A white middle lower class male is most likely to live a different life style than a wealthy white man, money plays a very important role. Perry emphasized on sexism and racism being the main components dividing individuals a part. Religionism puts an enormous amount of work in divisions of society into communities of

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