Race And Eurasian Essay

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In this study, Eurasian is a racial concept. It is a North American term describing a lack of genealogical consistency, like the terms mulatto, mestizo, hapa and half-breed. The twentieth-century conception of race in the United States is rooted in the powerful, although scientifically insupportable rule of hypodescent. This famous one-drop rule defining any individual with any amount of “black blood” as black logically prevents the concept of mixed race identity. People are white according to historical definition, only if everybody in their family is not black; and people are black, or non-white, whenever anybody in their family is black, or non-white. This rule can also be extended to other races as well. This biracial caste system—white and raced—prevents mixed race from having any identity in the “official and public, legal, and social history of the United States” (Zack, 1993 73). As Ruth Frankenberg notes that “Chineseness,” “Blackness,” and “Whiteness” are states of being in theories of racial superiority, so that the “half” or “mixed person”… does not belong anywhere” (Frankenberg 95). Therefore, Eurasian does not exist as a racial or ethnic entity. In other words, racially speaking, Eurasian is an impossible being. Naomi Zack in Race and Mixed Race has argued that, “If the existence of certain human beings …show more content…
Although scientific debate about the issue continued throughout the era, the polygenists who held that humans were differed by species and race was synonymous with species offered a deeply rooted cultural belief, that is, the biological degeneracy of racial

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