The Debate Over Gun Control Essay

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Gun control is an extremely controversial topic that has spawned a tremendous amount of debate over the past few years. Most of the debates occur when there are mass shootings at schools, churches, or other public places. Mallory Simons is a writer and senior producer of online presentations for CNN. She wrote Gun Debate: Where is the Middle Ground on January 31, 2013 and it appeared on the same day. In her article she discussed recent acts of gun violence and the effect they have had on the gun control debate. Her article is emotionally driven and uses an Aristotelian Rhetoric approach to appeal to her readers. Ms. Simon wrote her article after several mass shootings that occurred in 2012. She opened her article by describing a mass shooting at a Sikh temple. She then gave a related example of a mass shooting in December of that year involving 20 children and 6 adults being shot and killed in Newtown, Connecticut. After this event, it is not hard to see why people would be so adamant about tougher gun control. But again, is this the right course of action or not? Based on the use of emotional appeal, Mallory Simon leads the reader to the conclusion that limiting Americans’ access to guns is the best route. She uses firsthand eyewitness accounts and experts in law enforcement to make her point. Amardeep Kaleka’s life changed forever one afternoon in August of 2012. His father and five other people were killed in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Mr.…

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