The Debate On Gun Control Essay

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Do you know anything about gun-control other than what the media has told you? In 1971 the second Amendment was ratified in the United States Constitution. The second Amendment is there to protect the right of the people to bear arms. It is also there to give the people the means to take back a tyrannical government and rebuild it how the people see fit. Since the early 20th century the United States government has been trying to institute different types of gun control at the federal level. In the current times the debate on gun control is heating up more than it ever has. People on both sides have their reasoning for their beliefs on whether the United States needs more or less gun control. Something that often gets lost in arguments is the facts. People are so focused on what they want they forget the facts. For approximately the past 100 years gun-control has been implemented into law numerous times. While in the short term some goals are reached, politicians and civilians alike use this to show that gun control is needed. However, in the long term these attempts at gun control fail and those who are in opposition of gun control point this out. Ultimately people will find a way around the laws that are implemented. Criminals always find a way around the law.
Before someone can form an educated opinion on gun control they need to understand what it is. Gun-control is a set of laws that regulate who can buy, sell, and own firearms. The basic idea behind gun control is to…

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