The Debate On Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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The debate on genetically modified organisms (GMO) have become a big topic in our society. The different sides of the issues are trying to determine if the use of GMOs are good or bad. That brings up the question what are the ethics and morals that we must face from the continued use of GMOs in our agricultural production.
Ethics in terms of philosophy is a study that focuses on what is morally right or wrong and what is good or bad. This discipline brings about many theories and principles on morality and what makes us human.
The ethical concerns that appear from the use of GM crops are: (1) moral concerns about the consequences of the modification or of the outcomes of GM crops in the environment, (2) moral concerns addressing the act of modifying the genome of plants, and (3) moral concerns addressing the actor’s character traits and attitudes affected by applying gene technology (Gregorowius, Lindemann-Matthies, & Huppenbauer, 2011, p.282).
The first concern focuses on the consequences that come from the use of GM crops. On the debate of GMOs both sides list different consequences good or bad. Certain GM crops are resistant to insecticides, but the increased use of GM crops have shown increase use of herbicides in farms. There are also benefits to using GM crops like being able to genetically modify certain crops to be able to grow in harsh conditions. This is important since most land has been overused and left barren unable to grow any kinds of crops on. With the…

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