The Death With Dignity Law Essay

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Brittany Maynard is an ordinary 29 year old woman. Her and her husband, Dan Diaz, is trying to start a family after being married for a little over a year. After months of enduring unbearable headaches, Brittany has learned that she has brain cancer. After undergoing two surgeries to stop the growth of the tumor, Brittany learns that the tumor has returned. However, the tumor is more aggressive upon its return. Doctors give the newlywed only six months to live. Brittany considers many options, including radiation, medication and passing away in a hospice care in her home in California. Brittany does not want to burden her family with any of these scenarios. Brittany has chosen to die with dignity. California does not have a Death with Dignity law, forcing Brittany to uproot and move herself and her family to Oregon, one of only three states that have the Death with Dignity Law.
Many states are reluctant to enact the Death with Dignity law. It is a social problem that is being defined as negative in most states. The scope of the problem is that the topic of euthanasia or physician assistant suicide is controversial. Those who are for euthanasia can argue that the act of euthanasia is beneficence, based on a person’s human rights and no worse than passive euthanasia, which is means withdrawal or withholding medical treatments that result in a patient’s death (Ebrahimi, 2012). On the other hand, those are against euthanasia view it as murder, abuse of human rights…

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