Support The Death Penalty

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Life Isn’t Always Precious The Death Sentence is the most serious and end of the line for any criminal getting a sentence. Death Row has been around and used in the United States for centuries, the first recorded execution was in Jamestown, Virginia to Captain George Kendall in 1608 (Part I). With President Elect Trump coming into office in just over a month, he strongly supports the death penalty and it is almost certain that he will bring in others that support Capital Punishment just as much as he does. It’s often times the most difficult decision when it comes to the jury. People see life as precious and think that everyone deserves a second chance, which is why some criminals get off of the crime they committed due to judge or jury’s …show more content…
Sentencing the murderer, rapists, or whatever to death provides a sense of closure for the family because of the suffering not only the victim went through but also themselves. Many families were affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings, so when the terrorist who had committed massive act, he was tried for Death immediately when he was taken into court (41). The hundreds of people that were hurt, admitted that it provided closer for them, they know that they didn’t deserve the loss of body parts, sight, hearing or even a death from the 4 that were killed. Some people do not believe the death penalty is the best mainly because the years of appeals that the defendant will pull, so instead of wasting time and money on the appeals they think life in prison is best. The problem with this, is that it costs the tax payers money to keep paying for the prison and its needs. The tax payers are also the families that have to deal with not only something horrifying that happened to their loved one, but also now they pay for him to stay in prison and receive no torture or revenge that their loved one went through. The death penalty trial should not be given anything more than 2 appeals, after that the defendant is wasting the people and states money. The death penalty with restricted amounts of appeals, and saving money helps the victims cope with a tragedy that has happened to

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