Why Is Death Penalty Wrong

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Death Penalty Imagine a man being arrested for murder. He was found near the scene and did not have a great reason for being there. He was taking into custody to be question and he swore that he did not murder the victim. He was later found guilty of murder and was given the death penalty. The man was put to death with the family of the victim watching. A few months later the government found out that the man they put to death was not guilty. The death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment that can cause people that are falsely accused to be put to death. The death penalty is wrong, because the cost to execute someone, the risk of the person being innocent, and the technology that is used in the process. First, the death penalty is very …show more content…
Everybody’s life is valuable, but some is just less than others. Some of the people behind the prison bars could be innocent and could be put to death for no reason. Some people might say that people that kill, should be killed also, but putting people to death is not the answer. If the person ends up being innocent then if they are put to death then it is the same as murder. Since 1973, there has been a total of 151 people released from death row, because they proved their innocence (“Death Penalty and Innocence”). There still could be more innocent lives on death row. Imagine a man on death row, weeks before his execution, wondering what is going to happen to his family once he is gone. He knows that he did not commit the crime, but no one will believe him or give him a chance and his family won’t even talk to him. Weeks later he is executed even though he was innocent. Just image how that man felt knowing that he hasn’t talked to his family and knowing that he is innocent and is going to die for another person’s crime. This is one of the main reasons why the death penalty should be abolished, because it runs the risk of someone being innocent and dying for no reason and running a family’s life. For example, a seven-teen year old woman found her baby not breathing one night and took him to the neighbor’s house for help. The neighbors could not help so she started to perform

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