Stop The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment is a Human Rights Issue. A human deserves the right to life as human life is so valuable. Archbishop Desmond Tutu tells us that ‘To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge it is not justice. Is it justifiable for those who tell us murder is terrible to repeat that murder – in cold blood?
It is said that all people everywhere have the same rights which no one – not even authority – should take away from us. In 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created. One of the rights put in place was that Everyone 's right to life shall be protected by law - and that means everyone. Our lives should be preserved not destroyed. I believe that you should not destroy these valuable lives regardless of the offender’s
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It has been proven that the death penalty has no effect on crime rates – not one. How do we know this? Well in 2010, FBI Uniform Crime Report did an investigation. The murder rates in states where the death penalty has been abolished was 4.01% per 100,000 people. Whereas in states where the death penalty is used it is a staggering 5.00%. This shows the death penalty has not decreased the murder rates – they have only increased them. It is not a deterrent, in fact it has encouraged vicious violence. Executions lead to the brutalization effect. It is a climate of violence and murder to avenge grievances. The death penalty has caused outrage in our society - A violent society breeds violence. It has brutalised society in a fundamental way – it has ruined demolished the states relationship with us citizens. “The state’s power to destroy innocuous life is a manifestation of the hidden wish that the state be allowed to do anything they pleases with life.” As said by George Kateb. If the death penalty is providing no benefit or outcome why are we letting this happen? These executions are inhumane, cruel and irrevocable. But what about the possibility that the state may be killing innocent people? All humans make

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