Legalize The Death Penalty

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Whenever in the country the information means register criminal acts that crash to the community for the cowardice and the intentions with which they were realized by individuals or groups constituted in enemies of the society, again the opinions proliferate in favor of the legalization of the death penalty. The countries and the communities where the capital punishment exists think that, for being the most proportional punishment with the committed damage, it is the most just sorrow. The pain, the anger, the thirst justice and: why not?, of revenge, and the intentions and consequences of these crimes are factors that prevent from foreseeing the negative scopes of its legalization, the death penalty is a senselessness that must never devote …show more content…
But it is also very likely that organized crime would hire minors as hired assassins to carry out their crimes as it is already doing it and for them, there would be the possibility of sentencing them to death. On many occasions have been checked with the passing of time the injustice that was being punished as guilty to someone whose responsibility for the offence that is imputed to him, was not investigated thoroughly. Our judicial system, as well as in countries with better legal infrastructure, is prone to make mistakes. A world-famous case will serve to illustrate this injustice, we refer to the case called "the Birmingham six". A London Court sentenced to life imprisonment six Irish, suspected members of the IRA, have exploded a bomb in a pub in Birmingham killing 21 people in 1974. Only at the beginning of 1991 the English justice acknowledged his mistake, after meticulous research.For 16 years, 3 months and 21 days that inmates were in prison suffered various kinds of torture. The case of Birmingham six is not the only mistake committed by the British court. To date has not been given with the real culprits. What amending the error would have had judges English if it had sentenced suspects to death? If in countries with a strong system of criminological and legal occur these facts, what worse would not occur on ours, that lacks a modern and efficient infrastructure …show more content…
If life is the main human right, deleting it is the first violation, and if the State who formalized the crime, aggravates the violation. When a law has no effect for which it is created, it is best not to approve

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