The Death Penalty Vs. Human Rights Essay

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Around the vast globe, thousands of people are sentenced to death annually (The Death Penalty V. Human Rights: Why Abolish the Death Penalty?). Should the government execute people who commit heinous crimes? In 2014, in the United States alone, 35 people were ripped of their lives on the execution table (The Death Penalty V. Human Rights: Why Abolish the Death Penalty?). It is a common belief that the death penalty is a sufficient punishment for people who commit hostile and death-provoking crimes. Yet, what justice is served by the taking of another human life? The death penalty should be eradicated due to the painlessness of lethal injection and the possibility of death row exoneration. ¨In 2008, the court struck down a Louisiana law that permitted capital punishment for raping a child, restricting the death penalty to cases of murder or treason.¨ (Smith 13). Since it is a vital requirement that a person commit tyranny or murder to be in line for the death penalty (Smith 13), death by lethal injection isn’t a sufficient punishment for a criminal’s flagrant crime. ¨...the court ruled in Baze v. Rees that execution by lethal injection-the most common method today- does not violate the Eighth Amendment.¨ (Smith 13). The Eighth Amendment, in summary, prohibits the government from performing cruel or unusual punishment. Lethal injection is used for capital punishment by the federal government and 36 States, at least 30 of which use the same combination of three drugs:…

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