Death Penalty Is Wrong

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The death penalty may be an extreme measure, however, death may be the correct way to deal with extremely dangerous convicts. The death penalty may be cruel and inhuman, even so, if someone were to murder multiple civilians or commit a massive massacre, more than likely, no one would object to the execution. Not every crime should end in the death penalty, only the ones that reach a certain quota that should be punished with death. If someone steals a potato there would not be any need for death, the death penalty should only be used in a last case scenario situation. Additionally, to actually go through with the death penalty, one has to be proven absolutely guilty. Just like in “12 angry men”, someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong …show more content…
Also, tax payers pay more than 90,000 dollars a year to hold a prisoner in death row unlike regular state prisoners. Some of the death row cases have had times where the one being prosecuted receives an inexperienced lawyer causing the offender to almost lose before the court even begins. For the death sentence to even occur the juror must come to a group conscience with all twelve jurors having mutual understanding and having all the same vote being guilty. Those against the death penalty often times think if a perpetrator is murdered or sentenced to death by the victims’ family, then them themselves become the perpetrator thinking that death is the only true justice, moreover, sending them to prison means that their family members got killed for …show more content…
No one has the power to sentence someone to death with just their word, unless, an individual tries to kill them themselves. The only way the death sentence can be brought up is from a vote the grand jury, after that, multiple courts shall take place. All of the death penalties are from criminals who have killed people. Although the death penalty has quite a few cons, society still needs a way to vanquish the evil from the US. The death sentence should not be a common way to be rid of criminals, however, execution should be on the possible action list for dealing with extraordinary criminals that will do anything to try and murder someone. Many people think that killing a man for any reason is inhumane, however, killing someone in cold blood seems to be a little bit more inhumane than killing for their crimes. In retrospective, the death penalty is another way for victims to find closure for their loss. To conclude, kids today go to school where they are taught to treat others the way you want to be treated, meaning, why should someone who murders others not be put to death? The death sentence must be enforced to warn criminals that they will pay the price for

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