Essay about The Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished

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Have you ever wanted revenge on someone who did you wrong or are you the type of person that turns the other cheek? Your answer to the previous question will show which side of the death penalty you lean towards most likely. The Death penalty should not be abolished because it is constitutional according to the supreme court declared it not a cruel and unusual punishment. In America, there are not many topics that have more controversy than Capital Punishment. The use of the death penalty has slowed down in recent years and the crime rates have made that obvious to the public. Since the beginning of society we have punished murderers and kidnappers with the death penalty. In some instances, the bible even promotes the death penalty for serious punishments. “The murderer shall surely be put to death” (Numbers 35:16-18). The death penalty used to be the only punishment for crimes in society. The death sentence was carried out in multiple different vulgar ways when it first came out such as, crucifixion, hanging, drowning, stoning and burning at the stake. All nations at one point in time enforced the death penalty as a punishment for serious crimes against their community. In the United States of America, the death penalty has been carried out in more humane ways than other countries. Our country inherited our death penalty laws from the British when they settled here in the sixteenth century. America in the past used, lethal injection, electrocution, hanging and gas…

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