Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be Legal

711 Words Oct 28th, 2016 3 Pages
For many years, the Death Penalty has been a controversial subject in the United States where some believe that it should be abolished and some believe that it should remain. I believe that it should remain because of issues with repeat offenders, prison overpopulation, and the principle of moral justice. In the United States, repeat offenders in our Criminal Justice system, especially those who recommit felony crimes, have been an issue of great concern. Many of those who are arrested and put into prison ended up being reincarcerated. Studies done by report that 59% of people previously imprisoned in a state prison are reincarcerated and 32% of those imprisoned in a federal prison are reincarcerated as of June 2016. In 2012, 2.5% of rapists were rearrested for the same category of crime according to The Huffington Post. Rapists that undergo recidivism after being released from prison should receive the death penalty because if they are released from prison again, they are more likely to commit another rape crime and ruin the life of another innocent victim. Studies by the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that as of 2005, 48% of convicted murderers who were released from prison were rearrested within 5 years for the same offense. Just like reoffending rapists, convicted murderers who continue to carry out murderous crimes should receive the death penalty in order to prevent recidivism among them. Not only are repeat offenders a reason to allow the…

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