Essay on The Death Penalty Should Be Banned

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I am writing this letter to convey my thoughts over the issue of the death penalty. The death penalty continues to be a matter of dispute and will be argues in the States for many years. The death penalty is currently used by 27 states and is used by the federal government for punishing federal crimes. However, in Texas, the death penalty should be banned, and instead of executing these criminals, the state of Texas should sentence them to life in prison. By abolishing death penalty, and instead of executing criminals, simply sentencing them for life in prison can help the United States save a significant amount of money. Executing a criminal through death penalty costs much more money than by just simply putting them in jail for the rest of their life. The State’s economy is currently under the debt of $18 trillion and by cutting the cost of executing people can help the nation minimize its debt. Additionally, the cost of executing criminal comes out of the pocket of the individuals through taxes. Therefore, individuals are paying a part of their hard-earned money towards a criminal who took another life. This is not viable as people are paying money for a convict. Therefore, abolishing capital punishment will result in a reduction of the nation’s debt and will provide more income for the individuals, as they would no longer have to pay taxes for the accommodation of these criminals. Additionally, economics aside, the system of death penalty is riddled with errors.…

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