North Carolina Death Penalty Analysis

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Murder Mayhem: The Death Penalty Of North Carolina
North Carolina has killed too many people with the death penalty in the last few years. According to Kelly Twedell, in the article “North Carolina’s Death Penalty and Death Row Facts,” “In 2012, there were 160 people on death row in North Carolina alone. Since the death penalty was adopted in 1977, 43 people have been executed” (Twedell). This reveals that North Carolina is executing more and more people as the years fly by. North Carolina needs to eliminate the death penalty for good. Even though the death penalty is legal in many states, it should be illegal in the state of North Carolina because it costs too much money, it is a cruel punishment, and it does not teach a lesson.
The death
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The government could be using this money to create a better community for the people. According to Charles M. Harris, “All the states death sentences to life imprisonment would immediately result in millions of dollars in savings per year” (Harris). This reveals that the government is spending too much time focusing on the death penalty and not enough time trying to maintain a safe society for the people. The death penalty should also be abolished because it is a cruel punishment. It does not solve any conflict. These people are still doing the same convictions and some worst. According to Daniel Raphael, “Capital punishment is inherently cruel and unusual and has no place within a ‘civilized society.’ Capital punishment is the process of killing someone no matter how it is framed” (Raphael). This reveals that the death penalty is not the best choice for a punishment. A person already suffers in jail for life, so why should the government put someone to …show more content…
According to Daniel Raphael, "A society that respects lives of its citizens should never under any circumstances endorse lethal fury on those who may or may not have been guilty of heinous acts” (Raphael). This shows that more and more people are getting sentenced to death. Over 4% of the people in North Carolina are being executed, even the innocent. The death penalty should never be performed on anyone no matter how bad the action or cause

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