Essay on The Death Penalty Is The Highest Punishment

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28 people were executed in America just this year from the death penalty and 35 people in 2014. The death penalty is the highest punishment a person can receive after committing a crime. It has been a huge controversial issue since the first use of the death penalty to today in America ; there are many pros and cons to this law.
History of the Death Penalty According to Michael H. Riggio teacher of law in Oklahoma states that during the seventh Century in Athens the death penalty was mandatory for every crime. These crimes varied, some crimes consisted of making fun of the country song, chopping of crops that were planted by another farmer, or disturbing an urban place during night hours. Stealing other people’s property would also result to the death penalty.
The ways of execution were wicked. Some executions were drowning, being buried alive, crucifixion, beheading, stoning, hanging, or pushing the accused off of a cliff or beaten to death. One excruciating death was set to a man who believed he was magic where law enforcement then set a date and made the man kill himself as the punishment. The first use of poison was when Philosopher Socrates was forced to swallow poison. Today poison is still used, but now is injected into the criminal.
The most famous story about the death penalty that most people know today is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Where he was forced to carry his own cross and was nailed to the cross by his hands and feet. 300 years later, after people…

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