Essay about The Death Penalty Is One Of The Oldest Forms Of Punishment

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The death penalty is one of the oldest forms of punishment in human history. The United States began to use the death penalty as a form of punishment after being influenced by Britain. (Penalty). There have always been swayed public support when it came to the death penalty, with an increased decreased support of the death penalty and a push for alternative forms of punishments. The factors that caused the decrease in support were religion, personal beliefs, deterrence. Also many cases involving the death penalty such as the Sacco and Vanzetti tremendously led to a decrease in support.
Support for the death penalty as a practice of punishment in the United States has always been a debate with those who are against having the death penalty gaining headway. According to a recent survey in 2015 by American values, “Majority of Americans Prefer Life Without Parole Over Death Penalty.” (DPIC.) “The poll of 2,695 Americans found that 52% preferred life without parole, while 47% preferred the death penalty.” The survey proved many Americans today does not support the death penalty for various reason. Some felt that the death penalty is racially motivated while others disagreed. Majority of Americans believed that a black man is more likely to receive the death penalty than a white man. The survey also shows that “about two-thirds (65%) of Democrats said they preferred life without parole, while 67% of Republicans said they preferred the death penalty.” ( DPIC.) This goes to show…

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