Essay The Death Penalty Is Justified

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When did witnessing the good in others become a challenge that has lead death to become the only viable answer? The goal of a punishment is to learn and grow, yet the United States government and citizen believe death is an acceptable consequence. The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is the process by which convicted criminals are executed by a governing authority (Issitt1). The threat of the death penalty is prevalent when a person is convicted of treason, terrorism, murder, drug trafficking, and much more varying in each state. Those put on death row, which is an area of a prison where criminals convicted of crimes warranting the death penalty await execution are executed through lethal injection (Issitt1). The executed individuals are given the deadly injection in a confided room with a window of viewers enthusiastic to witness his or her final breathe. The pessimistic conception that no individual can be saved or changed degrades humanity. The death penalty is an absolute consequence that should not be accepted as a form of punishment. The death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. The death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment because it gives the government a license to kill; it is absolute, and causes mental torment. Capital punishment allows the government to kill others without any consequences themselves. If the government’s perception is that murder is wrong, and the convicted felon treacherous act is unforgivable than how can they then…

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