Essay The Death Penalty Is Good For Society

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The death penalty has been around for many years. The idea of execution is to put a convicted felon to death by lethal injections if it is unavailable then electric chair. The death penalty is the act of punishment for a person who committed a crime such as murder. Execution can be used as a method to prevent harmful criminal acts because people fear death. Also, it brings the victims loved ones closure from the crime that was committed. While others find it to be cruel not only for the criminal, but their family too. Sentencing someone to death violates their human rights. I suggest each side that is against and for the topic of capital punishment can find common ground by life in prison without parole.
People who are pro capital punishment, believes that it is good for society and for the victim’s family. The death penalty removes the dangerous criminals from society which leads to a safer environment for citizens. It guarantees that the people who are executed will not commit any further crimes. The risk of the criminal escaping or getting released from jail to commit another crime decreases. It also prevents future murders it will make them think twice before committing a crime because most people fear death. Capital punishment is a reminder for people to follow the law or suffer the consequences. It sends a message to the public that if you kill innocent people, that’s the price you will be forced to pay.
The death penalty is a good punishment for those who have…

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